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One October morningin 2012, Paul Horton, a 59-year-old retired mechanical engineer and

a keenoutdoorsman, climbed onto his mountain bike and took off through hisneighborhood near Lake Travis. Yogi, a six-year-old well-trained dog, camealong. Yogi had done it every morning for nearly three years, happily besidehis master. The two-mile route wound through hilly rural roads to a narrow,forested path. Shortly after turning around to go home, Horton approached anine-inch-tall raised stone edge where the path met the sidewalk. He had jumpedthe edge dozens of times before, but onthis morning somehow he didn’t get enough height, and the bike’s front wheel ran into the edge hard and twistedsharply. Horton, who wasn’t wearing a helmet, flew overthe handlebars, hitting headfirst into the sidewalk. He was knockedunconscious. When he came to, he found himself lying on the ground half a milefrom home.

By Horton’s sidewas Yogi, anxious to continue the trip home. As Horton tried to rise, herealized he could not feel anything below his chest, and blood began to fillhis mouth. Horton whispered ,“Go home. Goget Shearon.” Horton spoke the phrase slowly, again andagain, words he knew the dog wouldunderstand. “Go get” was afamiliar command. Shearon was the name of Horton’swife. For about 45 minutes, Yogi refused to leave his companion’s side. Horton continued commanding Yogi to go. Finally,the dog ranaway.

That morning, Bruceand Maggie Tate, two of Horton’s neighbors, were on a walk in the area whenthey spotted Yogi running down the street, which they found strange.They knew him as a calm and obedient (顺从的)dog. He darted (飞奔)toward them, then away seeming to beg for their attention. When they followed, Yogi dashedoff, leading them somewhere, it seemed.

The wait was aserious pain for Horton. He lost track of time, and it became hard tobreathe. Then Horton heard the faintsound of a dog barking. Yogi ran toward him. The Tates, who were right behindhim, saw Horton’s condition and called for help. Horton was rushed to St. David’sRound Rock Medical Center, where doctors did what they could to mend hisdamaged backbone. Soon after, Horton was sent to St. David’s RehabilitationHospital. His first two visitors? Shearon and Yogi.

21. What do we know about Paul Horton?

A. He was keen on gardening.

B. He was good at designing bikes.

C. He was fond of outdoor activities.

D. He was devoted to environmental protection.

22. The accident happened when Paul Horton _______.

A. tried to jump over the raised stone edge

B. was on his way to the mountain area

C. took a new narrow forested path

D. climbed onto his mountain bike

23. The word “spotted” in Paragraph3 most probably means “_______”.

A. walked B. saw C. greeted D. chased

24. What can be learned about Yogi from the passage?

A. He liked to do things at will.

B. He seldom went out with his master.

C. He saved his master’s life in the accident.

D. He ran away from his master right after the accident.

25. What can be the best title of the story?

A. Look Before You Leap B. More Haste, Less Speed

C. Love Me, Love My Dog D. A Dog in Need Is a Friend Indeed

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It was difficult tobelieve that he was a Ground. He was __61___into an unimportant butwell-to-do family

It was difficult tobelieve that he was a Ground. He was __61___into an unimportant butwell-to-do family. He was the youngest of five sons. The Grounds were ahandsome lot: blue-eyed, fair-haired, clever ___62___ ambitious. Thefour older boys all made a success of their lives. They married beautiful girlsof good family and produced children __63___ fair and handsome andclever as themselves. The eldest became a clergyman;the second___64____ up as the headmaster ofa famous public school;the ___65___went intobusiness and became rich; the fourth ___66___ in his father's footstepsand became a lawyer. That is why everybody was amazed when the youngest Ground,Henry, turned ____67___ to be a lazy good-for-nothing.

Unlike hisbrothers, he had brown eyes and dark hair, but he was every bit ashandsome and charming,____68___madehim quite a lady-killer. And, although he never married ,___69___ is no doubt at all that Henry Ground loved women. Healso loved eating,drinking, laughing, talking and athousand other___70____ which don’t make money or improve the human life. One of his favorite pastimeswas doing nothing.



71. Theauthor of “The Emotional Bank Account-Secrets of Happy Families”,compares ______to deposits

71. Theauthor of “The Emotional Bank Account-Secrets of Happy Families”,compares ______to deposits in a financial bank account.

72.According to“The English Character”,to other Europeans,the best known quality of the British is “______”.

73. In“HowDictionaries Are Made”,the task of writing a dictionarybegins with reading huge amounts of______.

74. In“A Fiddle andthe Law”, the bearded man called Pappy Richards was the father of the man whowas wanted by ______.

75.Jesus Colon, the author of“Little Things Are Big”,decided not tolend a helping hand to the white lady because he was afraid that______.

76. In“The Day I Was Fat”,after theargument with a teenager, the author made up her mind to______.

77. Theauthor of “This Life” tells a story about how he became a successful ______byfirst learning to read well.

78. In“Night Watch”,the hospital staff thought the marine who sat at the bed through thenight was the son of ______.

79. Theauthor of “The Time Message” describes time as tricky, dangerous and______.

80. Theauthor of “In the Laboratory” looked upon ______in Professor Agassiz’s laboratory as the best lesson he ever had.



Plastics play animportant role in almost every aspect of our lives. Plastics are used tomanufacture

Plastics play animportant role in almost every aspect of our lives. Plastics are used tomanufacture everyday products such as beverage containers, toys, and furniture.The widespread use of plastics demands proper disposal of plastic waste.Plastics make up almost 13 percent of the urban solid waste stream, a dramaticincrease from 1960, when plastics were less than one percent of the wastestream. The largest category of plastics are found in containers and packaging(e.g. soft drink bottles, lids, shampoo bottles), but they are also found indurable (e.g. appliances, furniture) and nondurable goods (e.g. diapers, trashbags, utensils, and medical devices). The recycling rate for different types ofplastics varies greatly, resulting in an overall plastic recycling rate of only8 percent, or 2.7 million tons in 2011.

Currently, the UShas the capacity to recycle plastics at a greater rate as a latest technologyhas come into being that helps in converting plastic waste disposal intoa good source of green fuel. A new process for turning plastics into fuel wasinvented. First, many different kinds of unwashed plastics are melted together.Then a special chemical is used to turn the fluid into a vapor(蒸汽). Thisreduces the plastic to its most basic elements to make it have a high fuelvalue. It is tested that 86 percent of what goes in comes out as fuel. And 8percent of the recycled plastic is used to run the system. This technology willreduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil and theamount of plastic waste in its landfills(垃圾填埋场).

Scientists sayplastic-to-oil technology is still new and developing. They say it is not yetknown if the process is environmentally friendly. And some question whetherturning plastics into oil can even be considered “recycling”.Carson Max is with the publication Resource Recycling, a magazine that reportson the plastic recycling industry. He says because there is a lot of plasticwaste and a great demand for oil, the recycling technology may create greatchanges in both industries. “So they’re getting value from something that would otherwise go to thelandfill, things that wouldn’t be accepted into a recycler.”

26. According to the article, the great increase in use ofplastic goods requires_______.

A. richer source of green fuel

B. more categories of durable plastics

C. faster development of plastic products

D. more efficient disposal of plastic waste

27. The word “converting” inParagraph 2 most probably means “_______”.

A. coloring

B. inventing

C. consuming

D. transforming

28. What will the plastic-to-oil technology result in?

A. Less dependence on imported oil

B. Increase in plastic waste

C. Production of more plastic goods

D.Disappearance of landfills

29. What is Carson Max’s attitude towards the plastic-to-oiltechnology?

A. Positive

B. Negative

C. Critical

D. Indifferent

30. What is the passage mainly about?

A. The important function of plastics in everyday life

B. The new technology of plastic waste disposal

C. The development of plastics industry

D. The categories of plastics

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