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  • 回答下列各题 Its difficult to estimate the number of youngsters involved in home schoolin

    回答下列各题 Its difficult to estimate the number of youngsters involved in home schooling, where children are notsent to school and receive their formal education from one or both parents.26__________and court decisionshave made it legally possible in most states for parents to educate their children at home, and each yearmore people take advantage of that opportunity. Some states require parents or a home tutor to meetteacher certification standards, and many require parents to complete legal forms to verify that their children are receiving 27__________in state-approved curricula. Supporters of home education claim that its less expensive and far more 28__________ than mass publiceducation. Moreover, they cite several advantages: alleviation of school overcrowding, strengthenedfaintly relationships, lower 29_________ rates, the fact that students are allowed to learn at their own rate,increased 30 _________, higher standardized test scores, and reduced 31_________ problems. Critics of the home schooling movement 32_________ that it creates as many problem as it solves. Theyacknowledge tha|, in a few cases, home schooling offers educational opportunities superior to those foundin most public schools, but few parents can provide such educational advantages. Some parents whowithdraw their children from the schools 33_________ home schooling have an inadequate educationalbackground and insufficient formal training to provide a satisfactory education for their children.Typically, parents have fewer technological resources 34_________than do schools. However, the relativelyinexpensive computer techoology that is readily available today is causing some to challenge the notionthat home schooling is in any way 35_________ more highly structured classroom education. 第(26)题__________

  • For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay about the impact of theinform

    For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay about the impact of theinformation explosion by referring to the saying "A wealth of information creates apoverty of attention. " You can give examples to illustrate your point and then explainwhat you can do to avoid being distracted by irrelevant information. You shouldwrite at least 150 words but no more than 200 words. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • 中国人自古以来就在中秋时节庆祝丰收。这与北美地区庆祝感恩节的习俗十分相似。过中秋节的习俗二f


  • 回答下列各题 Adults are getting smarter about how smart babies are. Not long ago, researc

    回答下列各题 Adults are getting smarter about how smart babies are. Not long ago, researchers learned that4-day-old could understand 26______and subtraction. Now, British research psychologist Graham Schaferhas discovered that infants can learn words for uncommon things long before they can speak. He foundthat 9-month-old infants could be taught, through repeated show-and-tell, to 27______the names of objectsthat were foreign to them, a result that 28______in some ways the received wisdom that, apart from learningto29______ things common to their dally lives, children dont begin to build vocabulary until well into theirsecond year. "Its no 30______that children learn words, but the words they tend to know are words linkedto 31______situations in the home," explains Schafer. "This is the first demonstration that we can choosewhat words the children will learn and that they can respond to them with an unfamiliar voice 32______in anunfamiliar setting. " Figuring out how humans acquire language may 33______why some children learn to read and writelater than others, Schafer says, and could lead to better treatments for developmental problems. Whatsmore, the study of language 34______offers direct insight into how humans learn. "Language is a test casefor human cognitive development," says Schafer. But parents eager to teach their infants should takenote : even without being taught new words, a control group 35______the other infants within a few months."This is not about advancing development," he says. "Its just about what children can do at an earlierage than what educators have often thought. 第(26)题__________

  • 随着电子设备的增多,电子垃圾也越来越多 2.电子垃圾的危害很多 3.为此,我们应该…… The Da

    随着电子设备的增多,电子垃圾也越来越多 2.电子垃圾的危害很多 3.为此,我们应该…… The Damage of E-waste ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

  • 中国是世界上最早开发利用矿产资源的国家之一。过去50年,中国在矿产资源勘探开发(the survey and

    中国是世界上最早开发利用矿产资源的国家之一。过去50年,中国在矿产资源勘探开发(the survey and development)方面取得了巨大成就,这为中国经济的持续、快速、健康发展提供了重要保障。中国是一个人口众多、资源相对不足的发展中国家,主要依靠本国的矿产资源来保障现代化建设(modernization program)}的需要。同时中国还积极引进国外资本和技术开发中国矿产资源。中国政府高度重视可持续发展和矿产资源的合理利用,把可持续发展(sustainable development)确定为国家战略,把保护资源作为可持续发展战略的重要内容。

  • 听材料,回答下列问题: Directions: In this section, you will hear a passage three times. Wh

    听材料,回答下列问题: Directions: In this section, you will hear a passage three times. When the passage is read for the first time, you should listen carefully for its general idea. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks with the exact words you have just heard.Finally, when the passage is read for the third time, you should check what you have written. Shift work is concentrated in the most dangerous areas of employment. It has various effects on health and daily life. Shift workers, especially those who work nights, can 26 a number of health problems. They include sleep 27 , depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, and 28 Experts now realize that sleep loss are dangerous and that night shift always results in sleep loss. Most people need 8 hours of sleep a day to feel 29 . Parts of the night sleep are spent in light sleep stages and the other parts of the night are spent in deep sleep stages. If you work the night shift and sleep during the day, there are many things that can 30 your deep sleep and awaken you during your light sleep phase. Noise is the biggest problem. Daytime sleepers have to 31 noisy neighbors, children, traffic, lawn mowers and such. Noise is the most common 32 of people who sleep during the day, so noise prevention should be given top priority. When looking for a home to rent or buy, always look for one in a quiet 33 Another sleep 34 is too much light. Our bodys entire cycle is based upon light and dark. If you are doing the opposite of this set body program, you are 35 generations of programming. Since sunlight will disturb your day you should choose a house where the bedroom is on the north side of the house. Wear a black eye mask to further block out the light while you are sleeping. 第26题应填____

  • 现在有许多人迁往大城市 2.对于这种做法人们看法不一 3.我的观点 On the Trend of Moving to B

    现在有许多人迁往大城市 2.对于这种做法人们看法不一 3.我的观点 On the Trend of Moving to Big Cities __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________